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When it’s Peaceful


Vivid Purples and light blues, with strong movement, and a calming energy. Texture is visible in the black highlights throughout painting.


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Sometimes I feel like my mind is a computer screen with hundreds of tabs open at the same time. For some this may feel too exciting or even stressful, but for me there’s peace in the chaos. Mixing colors, especially cool and warm pallets doesn’t always bring peaceful or even beautiful color tones, but it feels that purples, violets, lavenders are the expectation. This piece cannot deny the chaos that tends to drive much of the movement of my art. However, I find peace and a sense of serenity in the balance of cools and warms that create these tones. This piece was created in a state of content and peaceful chaos, as contradicting as that may seem.

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Acrylic & Paper


60" x 48"


Displayed at Naples Outfitters

Available in

Original, Metal Print 40 x 50, Paper Print 40 x 50, Metal Print 32 x 40, Paper Print 32 x 40, Metal Print 24 x 30, Paper Print 24 x 30, Metal Print 16 x 20, Paper Print 16 x 20