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C.H.C.O. (Calming Hatred, Challenging Obstacles)


Multi color abstract, with vibrant yellow, and streaks of white. Highlighted by blues and red.


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Calming Hatred, Challenging Obstacles is about choices. There came a point for me where I had to choose. I had a beautiful life with a challenging, but rewarding job. My life was what some might see as perfect. But life was a 6… I have an 8 every now but those moments were fleeting. The world around me seemed ingenuine to who I really was. I hated to have to break down what I had built and start over, but the opportunities that I saw were well worth the chance to be myself. I used vibrant and elementary colors to express that moment of starting something new but believing in that future so strongly that you let go of the supportive hand holding you, and you walk into a new world.

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Acrylic & Paper


48 x 60



Available in

Original, Metal Print 40 x 50, Paper Print 40 x 50, Metal Print 32 x 40, Paper Print 32 x 40, Metal Print 24 x 30, Paper Print 24 x 30, Metal Print 16 x 20, Paper Print 16 x 20