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Galaxy Goods


Pink and blue abstract galaxy. Image of a a tiger in a white cocktail dress with a cupcake in her outstretched hand.


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I found a new love for the color pink. For as long as I could remember I despised the color pink or any colors deemed gender specific in the favor of women. I associated it with weakness and I leaned toward masculine colors, as I associated them with strength. As I have found strength in myself, one of my favorite sources of that strength is what I’ve gained being a woman. Many of my paintings, including Galaxy Goods, use colors, which typically are associated as “feminine” colors, for the power colors in my art. Galaxy Goods is a piece about the power to enjoy, love, appreciate the skin you’re in.

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Acrylic, Oil & Paper


48 x 60


Displayed at Naples Outfitters

Available in

Original, Metal Print 40 x 50, Paper Print 40 x 50, Metal Print 32 x 40, Paper Print 32 x 40, Metal Print 24 x 30, Paper Print 24 x 30, Metal Print 16 x 20, Paper Print 16 x 20