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He Knows Now


Vibrant, brightly colored pink, purple, green, yellow, black and blue with a small image of Little Wayne in the bottom right corner.


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Starting with a clean canvas gives an artist the opportunity to let their energy be fed directly into the art. Creating “He Knows Now” was a process of empowerment from absent father. Though some may take this experience as a negative one, I do not. I have a choice to paint in muted colors and dwell on what could have been, but instead this piece speaks to the other choice; using each experience to grow from these moments and become greater than the soil from which I came. The title “He Knows Now” comes from a relatable answer Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. (Lil’ Wayne) gave to an interviewer when she asked him if his absentee father was aware he had dropped the D from his name based on their relationship and past. Without anger, malice, or drama he answered “He knows now.” Greatness is not defined from where or who we came from but who we are, who we decide to be, and how we decide to get there. I see brightness in my future… I focus on that. This piece is meant to bring that empowerment to the art.

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Acrylic & Paper


60 x 48


Displayed at Cosmic Kava

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Original, Metal Print 40 x 50, Paper Print 40 x 50, Metal Print 32 x 40, Paper Print 32 x 40, Metal Print 24 x 30, Paper Print 24 x 30, Metal Print 16 x 20, Paper Print 16 x 20